His dick is too small!

I have a much younger friend who is always complaining that she cannot get any satisfaction because her boyfriend’s dick is too small. It is unlikely that her boyfriend has such a small dick that he cannot give her any satisfaction. In fact, I think that both of them are very inexperienced when it comes […]

What is good sex

Whenever someone asks me what good sex is, I always think about the American TV series Sex and the City. Who can really say what good sex is, or what it should be for that matter. I have worked for London escorts for such a long time that I know we all have different ideas […]

A Small Penis Can Make Sex Even Better For Women

Having a small penis can be frustrating for a man, but it doesn’t need to be a source of personal shame or sexual problems. In fact, the men who overcome their penis size are usually rewarded for their efforts in ways that were unexpected. A man must not be bound to feel inadequate, simply because […]