Having a small penis can be frustrating for a man, but it doesn’t need to be a source of personal shame or sexual problems. In fact, the men who overcome their penis size are usually rewarded for their efforts in ways that were unexpected. A man must not be bound to feel inadequate, simply because he is average or smaller than some men. It is nothing to be ashamed of and it can be a real turn on, if their sexuality is ample in other important areas. So, take notes gentlemen around the world, because penis size can work for your end game, no matter how large or small things appear from below the belt.

Adult males tend to complain that having a small penis is embarrassing, but this can be enhanced in exciting ways. For smaller men, consider learning how to increase your stamina. Using stimulants or supplements to increase blood flow to the cock, a smaller man can extend their hardness and make fucking last longer than many other men. In fact, having a smaller cock is beneficial in this way. Practice getting yourself off regularly, so that you lower your sensitization and can last longer naturally. It has been this writer’s experience that when your penis stays hard for extended periods, the woman receiving such a good hard pounding is unlikely to complain.

A man with a cock that goes on and on, usually receives the blowjob of a lifetime. This is both a big thank you from the women who cum harder and ball even harder still, but it is also a gracious attempt to get their suitor off in the best way. Cumming down her throat or in her mouth is often off the menu, but not for a man with a small penis and a rock-hard cock. The longer it stays hard, the longer she will do anything your sexual desires can imagine. So, pull it out, smack her with it in the face and maybe rock it between her twin breasts for a while.

If your small penis isn’t as ready and willing as you like, a man can also try stimulation by wearing a cock ring. This constricts the flow of blood and keeps it held within the testicles and up inside the shaft tightly. This will make your cock rock hard and keep it that way, until your explosion makes your body quake like a mad man. Sex isn’t so bad, especially for the confident man without doubts cause by his penis size. Big men have just as many problems sexually and often are not the choice for women sexually. It is possible to be too big and have all your blood fill the cock, only to shut off the brain.

So, don’t beat around the bush, remember to pleasure your partner as well. A man who goes down on his sex partner and makes her quiver without stopping for multiple orgasms, this is not a man who ever needs worry about his manhood size. Because it is all being swallowed or engaged inside hot women, until it cums or gets hard all over again.

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